Dying To Know

Hi there! Welcome to Dying to Know, a blog to answer all your questions about death and dying. We’re here to bust some myths, clear up some confusion, and help you prepare for the hereafter. What are you dying to know? Let us know on our Contact page.

  • “Ritual” Isn’t a Dirty Word
    For many people, rituals and ceremonies are deeply comforting, but if you’re like me, the idea of performing a ritual doesn’t really sound all that soothing. Perhaps you picture a congregation of people flatly intoning a series of words. At worst, you conjure up visions of fictionalized Satan worshipers. (Obviously, I’m exaggerating for effect!) This … Read more
  • Book Recommendation: Making Friends With Death
    How often do you think about your own mortality? Do you spend time each week just sitting with the knowledge that you are going to die? I mean, it sounds fun, right? The truth is, most of us go out of our way NOT to think about death, and that makes sense. Death can feel … Read more
  • Reckoning with the End of Life
    The news today is so overwhelming. Our anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our country continues to be deeply divided, and in the midst of all this unrest (or as some argue, possibly due to it), our country is reckoning with its history of police brutality against black and brown Americans. It’s a lot to … Read more
  • Q: How Can I Support A Grieving Friend?
    “My friend’s husband died recently, and I have no idea what to say or do. How can I help her?“ A: Show Your Love and Support I can imagine you might be worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, but first and foremost, don’t avoid your friend because of this fear. You aren’t alone … Read more
  • Hope for the Heartbroken
    Over the past month, the Coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives, and many of us are struggling to adjust to the new normal. Unemployment, job insecurity, health scares, and general anxiety are common features of life during this topsy-turvy time. But for many of us, this pandemic comes at the absolute worst time–at a time … Read more