Home Vigil and Funeral Education

Home Vigil Work

Home vigils and home funerals are a central part of our work. Family knows best when it comes to caring for the dead, and we empower families to do just that. We help you coordinate and direct home vigils and personalized rituals before, during, or after death.

In-Home Care of the Deceased

We also believe that being present with the dying and the dead is a transformative experience that all families should be encouraged to participate in. We provide detailed education and guidance to help you care for your loved one’s body in your home. And we provide the peace of mind that comes from working with licensed morticians as your guides.


Vigil Education


Vigil set-up and guidance provides our assistance organizing your space and preparing for an in-home vigil. We’ll help you think about logistics and details to make your vigil a success, and offer suggestions for rituals, decor, and general event planning.

Family Education for In-Home Care of the Deceased


Family Education for In-Home Care of the Deceased provides licensed mortician oversight, education, and guidance to lead your family through the process of caring for the deceased in the home. Procedures included in education are:

  • Ergonomics and basic safety
  • Simple disinfection
  • Washing and anointing
  • Application of cooling packs (Techni-Ice)
  • Cosmetics and hair styling
  • Dressing and casketing

PLEASE NOTE: This service does NOT provide any hands-on care of the deceased by our staff. We do not currently hold a funeral home establishment license and cannot provide the services of a funeral home. We would be delighted to refer you to a funeral home if your needs exceed the services we are currently able to provide.

In an effort to reduce the structural barriers of racism at the end of life, for each family who purchases Family Education for In-Home Care of the Deceased, Inspired Journeys will provide Family Education for In-Home Care of the Deceased for a family in under-served and/or BIPOC communities, or two hours of home funeral education in underrepresented communities.