Meet Angela

Mortician Ÿ| Educator | ŸDoula |Ÿ Celebrant

Angela Woosley has been a MN-licensed mortician for over 15 years. In addition to her work with Inspired Journeys, Angela serves on the board of directors for the National Home Funeral Alliance, currently acting as board president. She is also an active member of the MN Threshold Network and the MN Death Collaborative. In addition, she is working with the Land Conservation Natural Burial Project, working to make conservation natural burial a reality in MN.

Prior to starting Inspiring Journeys, Angela taught in the Program of Mortuary Science at the University of Minnesota for over 10 years. During that time, she shared her passion for funeral service with hundreds of students.

A profile of Angela and her work with students at the UMN.

In 2014, she earned her master’s degree through the University of Minnesota’s Family Social Science Department. Afterward, her research was published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

She became a certified celebrant in 2017 through the Insight Institute, and in 2019 she trained as an end-of-life doula with the International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA.)

A passionate educator, Angela has presented locally and nationally over the years on topics such as the art of obituaries, self-care, young adult grief, and grief in family systems.

She is also deeply involved with Children’s Grief Connection, a nonprofit organization in Minnesota that provides free Hearts of Hope grief camps to grieving children and their families.

Part of CGC’s “Hope at Home” series, Angela shares self-care ideas for kids and their grown-ups.