Talking about death is hard enough! We strongly believe that you should know what services will cost up front. And with the wide variety of services we offer, always remember that you are in the driver’s seat. You are never obligated to purchase more than you wish.

Just need the services of a doula, but already have your funeral planned? Great! We’ll make the transition as smooth and easy as possible. Already have cremation sorted, but just need help planning the perfect farewell party? We’re happy to help, and our event planning experience will ensure your send-off is perfectly suited to you.

If you just aren’t sure where to start, we will help make your options clear and easy to understand.

Pricing for Our Service Offerings

Feel free to explore our current offerings using the links below.

Funeral Services

Home Vigil and Funeral Education

Event Celebrant Services

End-of-Life Doula Services for the Terminally Ill

Public Speaking Engagements

Wait, You Live *How* Far Away?

Regardless of your location, we can make it work!

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

All of our services are available regardless of where you live. Wanna get creative in Bemidji? Hope Dad’s service can happen on Lake Superior? No problem! Any transportation to services more than 30 miles outside the Twin Cities metro costs just $1.75 per mile.

FREE Remote Meeting Planning

And why not plan services remotely? Thanks to COVID-19, we have grown all-too-familiar with distance meetings. We’re happy to Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime with you to make it easy on your family. We’re living in the FUTURE!