End-of-Life Doula Services for the Terminally Ill

Goal Setting and Personal Support

We discover your specific needs and set goals for our doula relationship. We learn and honor your preferences for care, comfort, touch, and your immediate environment, and we brainstorm ideas for legacy projects and other goals you set.

Legacy Project Planning

This is a key component of end-of-life doula work. We work with you and your family to create a legacy project that captures your essence and honors your impact on the world. And legacy projects can look like almost anything you wish!

  • Write letters to future generations
  • Make the scrapbook to end all scrapbooks
  • Plan a dance party or karaoke party
  • Map the route of a memorial Harley ride
  • Practically anything else. If it’s legal, we’ll help make it happen!


Initial Intake Meeting


The Initial Intake Meeting fee establishes our working relationship, and will only be charged once per client, regardless of the services you select at any point during our professional relationship.

This meeting helps us discover your specific needs and provides direction for our doula relationship. Your preferences for care, comfort, touch, and your immediate environment are discovered and honored, and we will brainstorm ideas for legacy projects and other goals you set.

This meeting may take between one and three hours; the schedule is up to you.

Vigil Support and Service Fulfillment

$75 per hour, packaged per your needs

Vigil support and the fulfillment of our doula services are generally provided to our clients in increments agreed on at our initial intake meeting. Some examples might be:

Light Support
Five visits, two hours per visit

Moderate Support
Five visits, four hours per visit

Extra Support
Five visits, six hours per visit

In an effort to reduce the structural barriers of racism at the end of life, for each hour of doula service purchased, Inspired Journeys will reserve an hour of doula service for under-served and/or BIPOC communities, or provide an hour of end-of-life doula education in underrepresented communities.